Take responsibility

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In Norway, we have full confidence in the Government and their decisions. The Government is controlled by the Storting where all parties are represented.

There is little corruption in Norway.




When you have undergone a disease, this often gives lifelong immunity, so you do not get the same disease several times. There are infections that can cause serious injuries and, at worst, death in the person being infected. The purpose of vaccination is to obtain protection against disease without the risk of undergoing disease.




When we vaccinate, the "memory" of the immune system is exploited. When vaccination, the body is fed a weakened bacterium or virus, parts of them, or something similar to them. Then the immune system is activated without us getting sick. Thus, some of the dangerous infectious diseases can be prevented in a simple and effective way. For some diseases, vaccination will lead to lifelong protection, in other cases the effect decreases after a few years and refreshment doses are needed. 


It is also important that as many people as possible vaccinate themselves so that the virus does not spread too quickly and have the opportunity to mutate. Each mutation can impair vaccine effectiveness. In other words, you must not only take the vaccine for your own sake, but participate in a "voluntary effort" to stop the infection. Many have other diseases that prevent them from vaccinating themselves. They have no protection from the disease.


Therefore, we say that taking vaccine is also taking responsibility.